San Silverio Shrine of Dover Plains Scholarship Application
This scholarship is intended for full time undergraduate college students (12 credits or more), with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, OR post graduate students with a GPA of 3.5 or above, OR high school Seniors planning to attend college and have an 85% and above average. The Scholarship Committee will select the winner(s) of the award from the applicant pool. Multiple winners may be selected depending on funding and at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee Members. Please do not contact board members to ask about the status of your application. The winner(s) of the scholarship(s) will be notified via mail, and their names will be announced during the annual dinner dance. The winner(s) name(s) will also be published on website. The Scholarship Committee will only consider and award the scholarship(s) to applicants that provide supporting documents by the designated deadline.

Deadline to apply for the San Silverio Shrine of Dover Plains Scholarship is July 1st.

After you submit your application, please send your official transcript to: San Silverio Shrine of Dover Plains, Attn: Scholarship Committee, 124 Oakley Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601. The official transcript must come directly from your high school or College/University by July 1st. Allow 45 days from the deadline date (stated above) to receive a response. Applicants may apply each academic year (defined as Fall and Spring combined) they are enrolled and comply with the requirements.

If awarded, the scholarship check will be sent directly to the college or university.
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