Geography survey
An amateur, nonacademic survey about cartography projects and their contributors.
I am not interested in collecting identity data, this form is subject to Lithuanian data protection laws, therefore no forms with names/surnames, exact addresses or anything of the sort will be accepted and will be erased.
Cartography — the science or practice of drawing maps. (Oxford Languages)

This survey is not affiliated with OSM, OSMF, any software, group, community or individual in connection with the aforementioned.
Have you contributed to at least one cartographical project in the last year? (Adding/editing places in Google Maps, contributing to OpenStreetMap or Mapillary etc.)
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Where did you contribute?
Would you say that you have an interest in cartography?
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When you first contributed, what was the scope of your focus?
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Did you contribute more than just cartographic drawing, editing, studying?
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What is your main focus of cartographic contribution now? (E.g. on Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, HOT, Mapillary and so on)
What drove you to have interest in cartography?
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What is your broad locality? (Maximum acceptable answer is city level due to data protection purposes)
Are you over the age of 13? If no, your form will be annulled and erased. *
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