Pacific Rim Conservation Intern Application
Pacific Rim Conservation (PRC) is a non-profit with a mission to maintain and restore native bird diversity, populations, and habitats in Hawaii and across the Pacific region. The organization strives to use a science-based approach to management, using research to improve methods and inform future conservation actions.

We are looking for self-motivated, hard-working individuals to participate in our internship program. There are two internship opportunities available:

1. Seabird Restoration Intern
2. Seabird Research Intern

Our Seabird Restoration Interns will be based with our Seabird Translocation team at the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge and assist in the daily activities of the care of translocated seabirds. Our Research Intern will assist our Senior Conservation Scientist in research that will inform global seabird restoration activities.

Please read below for additional information about each internship, including responsibilities and requirements. Following this is an area to select which internship(s) you are interested in applying for, take a brief survey, and upload your resume, cover letter and two professional references. Please make sure to discuss your qualifications in your cover letter and resume as it relates to the job description, duties, and requirements stated below. If you are interested in both internships, please let us know, as well as which one is your preference.

For more information about Pacific Rim Conservation and our conservation work visit us at or

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Seabird Restoration Internship 2020
We are in search of passionate individuals interested in gaining experience in the avian care and seabird conservation field. Interns will be exposed to all aspects of the daily care of the translocated chicks (Black-footed Albatross, Tristram's Storm-petrel and Bonin Petrel) with an emphasis on daily cleaning and food preparation. Interns will also gain training on seabird social attraction techniques and aspects of habitat restoration, including out-planting and predator control. Interns will go through and initial orientation to gain a basic understanding of avian husbandry in the conservation field and continue to refine these skills throughout the internship. Interns will also shadow members of the PRC Animal Care team throughout the duration of the internship to learn through observation about avian care, feeding and holding techniques. Please keep in mind, due to the nature of this project and permitting restrictions, handling of the chicks is limited.
Based on intern performance, availability and need, interns may also have the opportunity to assist with additional field work including: seabird surveys, forest bird surveys, banding of seabirds and chicks, song meter servicing and more.

Essential Responsibilities:
You will be based with our Seabird Translocation team for the majority of your internship. Your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):
• Diet Preparation
• Daily and weekly cleaning tasks
• Field maintenance
• Animal Observations
• Data Collection
• Assisting with the creating of the Seabird Restoration Database

• Must have a great attitude, be willing to work hard and be an asset to our small team
• Must be a self-starter and be self motivated
• Must have completed at least two years of undergraduate education in a Biology or Conservation related field
• Must have strong communication skills and ability to interact with a diverse audience
• Able to lift 50 pounds
• May be asked to work holidays

• Must commit to staying the duration of the project (outlined below)
• Must commit to 24 hours a week, 8 hours a day typically starting between 6:30, 7:30 and 8:00 AM

Start Date: February 3rd 2020
End Date: July 1st 2020

Application Due Date:
Monday October 7th 2019

Internship Location:
You will be based with our Seabird Translocation Team at the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, Kahuku, Hawaii (1 hour from Honolulu)

This is a non-paid internship, interns are responsible for all housing, transportation and living expenses. Credit for college work experience requirements can be provided.

Research Internship 2020
We are working with partners from around the world to build a global seabird restoration database - a database of all active seabird restoration activities using social attraction and/or translocation techniques - to document the methods and outcomes from these activities and inform best practices in the field of seabird restoration.

Research interns will have a passion for conservation and interest in seabird biology and restoration, research, data entry, and analysis. Primary duties will include conducting literature reviews, entering and checking data, and communicating with global experts in the field of seabird restoration. Other duties could include mapping in ArcGIS, organizing data in a database such as MS Access, data analysis, and scientific writing. For interns based in Hawaii, there are opportunities to also gain experience with the seabird restoration intern team.

Minimum requirements
• background in biology, environmental science, conservation and/or computer science
• motivation to work on a computer and learn how to use databases
• experience organizing and entering data in spreadsheets (i.e. Microsoft excel)
• ability to follow data collection protocols
• strong reading and writing comprehension
• familiarity reading scientific literature
• strong communication skills
• ability to have phone/online conferences with our team and respond to emails promptly
• positive attitude, enthusiasm and diligence
• ability to work independently as well as a part of our team

Desired skills
Experience with:
• databases (e.g. Microsoft Access, SQL server, etc.)
• mapping software (e.g. Google Earth, ArcMap, etc.)
• conducting literature and/or web-based data searches
• data analysis
• scientific writing
• programming (R, SQL, python, etc.)

• 16 hours a week and commit to the duration of the internship
• If you are based in Oahu and also interested in the seabird restoration internship, some weeks may require up to an additional 8 hours per week and an extension through July 1st.

Start Date: Feb 3 2020
End Date: May 30 2020 (flexible, with possibility for extension)

Application Due Date
Monday October 7th 2019 (or until positions are filled)

Internship Locations*
There are a few options for the internship location:
1 - Oahu, Hawaii - primarily based with the restoration interns out of James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge (Kahuku) and also have the option to work remotely when appropriate. Opportunities for students at the University of Hawaii are available.
2 - Sacramento, California - based downtown Sacramento with PRC's conservation scientist, with some options to work remotely
3 - Santa Cruz, California - this is primarily a remote work station. Opportunities for students from UC Santa Cruz are available

This is a non-paid internship, interns are responsible for all housing, transportation and living expenses. Credit for college or graduate work experience requirements can be provided.

*If you are interested in the internship but have a different time frame and/or location, you can still fill out the application. Please let us know when you will be available and where you are stationed. Exceptional candidates will be considered.

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