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Thank you for your interest in Still Point, the formal, nonprofit art gallery within the headquarters of RZIM, supporting local and international artists and providing high-quality encounters with the arts to the community. Still Point receives and reviews proposals from talented artists all over the world. Our advisory board appreciates unique and well-planned proposals. We encourage collaboration with other artists and appreciate exhibitions that stir conversation and engage the community through high quality art. Thank you for taking the time to submit your proposal. We look forward to reviewing your work.

Jill Carattini
Director, Still Point

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Please provide two references of people who have worked with you: one fellow artist, and one curator or director.
Still Point offers up to $150,000 in insurance coverage for the duration of the exhibit. Would this cover your exhibition? If not, please select "other" and enter the TOTAL amount of coverage your collection will need. *
Still Point expects featured artists to play an active role in the installation and deinstallation of their exhibit. Will you be able to assist with your work on site at Still Point if accepted? *
Still Point strives to cover the cost of shipping artwork at least one way (shipping to Still Point or shipping to the next venue), though restrictions may apply. Can you be responsible (logistically and financially) for shipping in part? Please explain both your shipping needs as you envision them and your ability to contribute: *
Still Point expects featured artists to attend the opening of the exhibit and actively participate. Do you anticipate being able to attend and participate in the opening? *
Does your exhibit require more options for display than just wall hanging? If so, what are they? (e.g., pedestals, fixtures from ceiling, accessibility to electrical outlets, etc.) *
Please provide links to at least 5 images that represent your exhibit. *
If accepted, Still Point will cover your personal travel expenses related to your attendance at the opening of the exhibit. If a work sells during the duration of the exhibit, Still Point agrees to connect the buyer with the artist (and/or his or her representing gallery). One hundred percent of the sale of any work will go directly to the artist (and/or through his or her gallery where appropriate). The director will work with artists to determine works to be included and reserves the right to omit works from an exhibit with consideration to audience. Still Point maintains approximately 3200 square feet of gallery space. Gallery walls are white and cannot be painted. Works must come framed, with appropriate hardware, and ready to install. Have you read, understood, and agree to these terms? *
If you have any questions, comments, or expectations you would like to raise at this time, please comment below.
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