Creator Survey
Thank you for signing up for an invite! We are working hard to launch the Alpha phase of the platform. This survey is designed to give us more information on what the needs of the community are so we can phase in creators and features in the best possible way.

Please reach out to for any questions.
Your Work
We are trying to get an idea of the experience our creators have, so we can better understand how we need to set up the organization and what website features to offer. Please keep answers brief with just the main points of what you want to share.
Can you briefly describe what kind of work you are planning to share with your supporters on Comradery? *
Feel free to share any links to your existing fundraising profiles.
Can you briefly describe any experience you have working within a worker cooperative, a union campaign, or another mutual aid organization? Please do not share any specifics about non-public union campaigns to protect organizer's privacy. If none just write "none". *
Can you confirm that you or your group meets the criteria to join Comradery? (more here - *
Phasing in Content and Features
We are launching Comradery in phases, Alpha and Beta phases will be less stable and more bare-bones than other platforms, they will require active participation, but will be released earlier. We want to get an idea of how comfortable you are joining at different phases of launch. No prior experience is required for any of these, this is just what you are interested in.
What phase would you prefer to become a part of the cooperative? *
Content and Region phasing
Due to legal, payment processor, and tax restrictions, we may not be able to launch with all types of content right away. Please let us know about the following types of work you might create, this will help us decide how to use our limited resources to work towards what we can green-light in Alpha, Beta, and Production phases. Please use the provided field if you are unsure to describe, but use "yes" if in doubt.

Important note - none of these answers are 'deal breakers' and won't reflect on you. The point of this survey is to see what number of interested creators put these categories at a high priority.
Do you plan to offer some digital or physical rewards only to paying Supporters? Or do you plan to only allow donations with no exclusive rewards? *
Do you create adults-only, NSFW, or 18+ content? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please briefly describe.
Do you create anything in a copyright gray area? Such as fan art, transformative works, other content that can be targeted with DMCA and other takedowns? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please briefly describe.
Do you live or operate inside or outside the United States of America? *
If you are in the USA, legal sales tax compliance regulations have different requirements for different states. What US state is your business or personal address in (the primary address you operate your business from)?
We're looking for some help in these areas
We want to be able to launch our Alpha phase as soon as we can, we have most of our bases covered for skill sets and experience for the moment, but if you work or are experienced in the following areas we would really like to talk to you.
Are you experienced in any of of the following and want to help the coop?
What name would you like to be called when we reach out? *
What email should we reach out to? *
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