Otters in Africa - reporting form
Reporting form for sightings of otters or otter signs in Africa
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Date of record (DD/MM/YYY ex. 10/April/2015) *
For multiple records give approximate date range. If unsure of date, please provide best estimate. Records identified only to year are also valuable.
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Please send your images to:
Locality Information
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Detailed location of record *
Please be as detailed as possible, e.g. name of river, national park, etc. Include habitat description of area and whether people are often, sometimes, or seldom in the area.
Africa's Endemic Otter Species
If you are uncertain which species please describe the animal below.
Any information you can provide when a photo is not available will be very helpful and allow for possible species identification, e.g. overall colour; cream-colored blotching on neck or solid light color; size - small cat or larger, or bigger than 1m, between 0.5-1m, less than 0.5m; claws on feet or no claws;  number of toes in footprint; length of tail; seen in the water or out; near to water or far away, observed alone or with other animals,etc.
Number of individuals
How many animals did you see?
Number of cubs
How many recognisable cubs did you see?
Can you describe their behaviour
Did you see them feeding, resting, swimming, grooming, etc?  If they were feeding could you see what they were eating?
Which species did you see? *
Select the species you believe you saw from the list.
Geographic coordinates
If you are able, if not please still submit your sighting.
Latitude e.g. -18.94997
Decimal degrees
Longitude e.g. 34.34915
Decimal degrees
Extra information
Was there anything interesting or particular about what you saw?
Additional information
including links to blog posts, videos etc that might contain more info on the sighting
Please describe any environmental issues that could impact survival of otters in the area, such as pollution, trash accumulation, conflicts with humans, hunting, habitat loss, etc.
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