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The purpose of this form is to collect essential information to help Desert Valley Christian School teachers to be more efficient during the current medical crisis in America. Thank you for your time. Most of the items are required.
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Do you have access to the Internet at home using a computer or tablet? *
Does your child have access to a cell phone with a data plan he/she could use to access school work? Many cellular companies are giving unlimited data during this period of national emergency. Here is the URL to these resources: tiny.cc/dvcswireless (Click the lnk to open in your browser.) *
If your student has access to a cellphone for doing their school work, please give their name and phone number here. This will allow the teacher to call them directly.
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I give permission for the teacher or tutor to call my student on his/her phone concerning their online school work. *
This is for the upper-grade students. I understand that my student can use his/ her computer or cellphone to login to their school Google Classroom account which is firstnamelastinitial@dvcschool.com They can call Mr. Edwards to get their password reset if they have forgotten it. *
Please give your current mail or postal address here. If your student is unable to connect to online resources through a computer, tablet, or cell phone, assignments will be delivered to them or sent by mail. *
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