Rafer Johnson Upsilon Achievement Award
This award is presented to an undergraduate brother who most nearly exemplifies the outstanding qualities of Rafer Johnson in the areas of athletics, scholarship, community service, service to the school, and service to the fraternity. The award was first presented at the 63rd Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles by Rafer's chapter, California Upsilon.

Each chapter is hereby requested to nominate one active undergraduate brother who most exemplifies the achievements of Rafer Johnson himself. The five categories of achievement to be judged are as follows:

1. Athletics
2. Scholarship
3. Service to Fraternity
4. Service to College
5. Service to Community

Each nomination should contain a brief resume on each of the 5 points, similar to the resume of Brother Rafer Johnson as listed:
1. Athletics--Decathlon Champion (world record 8,300 points), Olympics (2 events), Pan American Games, National Frosh Relay Record, Sportsman of the Year (Sports Illustrated), Man of the Year (Sport Magazine), 2 year Letterman (Basketball), All Coast Honorable Mention (Basketball) and Captain of Track Team;
2. Scholarship--2.7 (4.0 System);
3. Service to Fraternity--Parents' Club Coordinator, Marshall, Intramural Sports, "Smiling Irishman", Houseman (5 Years), Guest Speaker at Other Fraternity Houses, and Hillel Representative;
4. Service to College--President of Student Body, Lower and Upper Division Mens' Honorary, Spirit Organization Board of Control, Cal Club (3 appointed by Chancellor from each campus); and
5. Service to Community--Campus Crusade for Christ, Project India, Goodwill Tours for U.S. State Department, State Recreation Chairman, B'Nai B'Rith Man of the Year, and Numerous Church and High School Speaking Appearances.

The award is made on an overall point basis, so that a brother, who is outstanding in 3 or 4 areas, need only be average in participation in the other 1 or 2 areas. The nominee must be an undergraduate brother at the time of nomination, but not necessarily a senior.

The chapter president and chapter advisor must sign off on the application for the applicant to be eligible.

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