[stop pushing your buttons]
it’s time to get your embodiment on and stop pushing your buttons…at least for ten minutes a day for the month of april.

to help you move toward moderation in your tech use and growth in your embodied life, i'm offering a 30 day experiment. beginning april 1 i will be offering up TEN MINUTE DAILY CHALLENGES that will enable you to stop pushing your buttons and still be entertained, strengthen your brain, and communicate, and more. these will be delivered via facebook, twitter, or email and will be do-able with zero to minimal effort or preparation. all you will need is yourself (and possibly a pen and some paper).

for once-a-day delivery to your email inbox, please sign up below. in addition, you’ll be placed on my mailing list to receive monthly (or bi-monthly) newsletters containing tools, tips, videos and more about how to use tech well and moderately. i promise not to misuse your address or sell it to anyone, and you are always welcome to opt out.

this is going to be fun! you choose your ten minutes and i will provide you with full instructions for how to use it to increase your embodied (non tech) experience of your self and the people and spaces around you. when you participate you’ll feel rewarded, encouraged, and will grow your brain and relationship power as well as improve your sense of self.

if you choose to participate, you can post comments, feedback, photos, or more on the facebook or twitter presence with the hashtag #spyb (initials for stop pushing your buttons) to get the movement spreading and to encourage others working to make life more wild, embodied, and rich.

looking forward to spending the month of april with you all in incredibly easy and meaningfully embodied ways.


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