International Women's Day Community Award Nomination Form
YES! I want to honor a woman who is leading the way in outstanding local and international humanitarian service.
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Nominee's Credentials
How has the nominee distinguished herself in her volunteer community service? Please provide a detailed description of her work as a volunteer: name of the organization, her specific roles/positions and her accomplishments.
What impact has her volunteer work had in the community? Please provide specific details about how her volunteer work benefits her community and the results achieved to date.
How long has the candidate been actively volunteering in this community service? Please give starting date and whether the candidate continues to volunteer and in what capacity.
Which of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus does her volunteer community service addresses, why and how? Please be specific. The Rotary’s Six Areas of Service are listed in the Expanded Community Award Eligibility Criteria you should have already received.
What is the candidate’s field of endeavor and how has the candidate distinguished herself in her field of endeavor? Please provide a description of her professional and/or corporate positions, her accomplishments and the positive impact of her accomplishments.
How does the nominee exemplify Rotary’s commitment to the Four-Way Test and ethical professional behavior?
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