Ice-affected Streamflow Survey
Survey of Arctic-HYCOS participants
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Are any of the Arctic-HYCOS stations managed by your agency affected by ice?
To what degree are the stations affected?
How is it determined that the stage record is ice-affected?
Do you estimate an ice-affected discharge?
What is the time step of published ice-affected discharge?
Are you collecting water temperature concurrently with stage?
Are you using time-lapse cameras at these sites?
Are your ice-affected discharge records computed primarily with analytical methods? (Prorated Discharge, Discharge Ratio, Backwater Shift, Adjusted Rating Curve, Stage Fall, Conductance Correlation, Multiple Regression, Index Velocity, Ice-Adjustment Factor, Pipe Flow, Uniform Flow)
Are your ice-affected discharge records computed primarily with subjective methods? (Discharge Ratio, Base Flow Recession, Backwater Shift, Interpolated Discharge, Adjusted Discharge, Shifting-Control, Hydrographic-Climatic Comparison
What is the frequency of ice-affected discharge measurements at your stations?
Do you make through ice discharge measurements?
What type of mechanical meter is used to measure
Do you use hydroacoustics to measure ice-affected discharge?
What percent of ice-affected discharge measurements are made with hydroacoustics?
Do you measure and record ice thickness?
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