I support International Women's Day Edinburgh "8M Femifesto"
TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER. Every year on the 8th of March, the union of women standing up for our rights is celebrated. This union is the reason we achieved the rights that we have today. We celebrate the women who came before. We also acknowledge there is still a lot to do, and we commit ourselves to doing our part.

Last year, women across the globe took to the street to march. Many participated in a 24-hour feminist strikes – withdrawing their labour as a demonstration of our power as women. This year we – the International Women’s Day Edinburgh Group - will join in solidarity with our sisters internationally on the 8th of March by organising a big march in Edinburgh.

Sisterhood is our weapon. 8th of March is ours: international, intersectional and activist.

We are everyone who identifies as woman*, of any ethnicity or sexual orientation. We are cis women, trans women, non-binary and gender variant people. We are all individuals and our experiences of being marginalised are shaped by interconnecting systems of oppression such as sexism, racism, anti-blackness, classism, dis-ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, trans-misogyny, whorephobia, fat-phobia, islamophobia, and antisemitism.

All people suffer from the patriarchal system. This femifesto is for every person who has been marginalised or disadvantaged by the patriarchy and wants to say ENOUGH!!! and who wants to TAKE A STAND!!!

*Women are defined not by their anatomy, chromosomes or hormones, but by how they choose to identify their gender.
This issue is a complex one. Creating equity for women should not be limited to cis-gendered, able bodied, white women. Feminism has and MUST be intersectional and that is what we want this march to represent. This day is for:

All of us who earn less than their cis male colleagues.
All of us who work double shifts, in and out of the home, often without recognition.
All of us who are in disadvantage by the lack of support offered through maternity.
All of us who are not afforded autonomy over our own bodies.
All of us whose bodies are objectified and vilified in the media and wider cultural norms.
All of us who have suffered abuse and violence at the hands of partners, friends, colleagues and employers.
All of us who have been forced into silence and who have not been believed.
All of us who have felt threatened walking in the streets at night.
All of us who face violence at the hands of the state through immigration raids, mass incarceration, racist and sexist policing.
All sex workers who are deprived of their fundamental human rights and suffer from social stigma.
All trans women who are subject to violence, and whose womanhood is denied by the state, health service, employers and those around them.
All non-binary people who are subject to mis-gendering and the associated violence of not conforming to the gender binary.
All of us who have been deleted from History.
All of us who want a change.
All of us who are fed up.

It is important for men who want to be allies, to understand the importance of using their privilege to support the campaign for equity.

They should reach out to community groups, and organisations, and to the women in their lives to understand how best they can act in solidarity with this movement and work with other men to do the same.

Men should understand that this is a problem that affects them, as they benefit from this oppression.


Contact: iwomende@gmail.com
Facebook: @IWDEdinburgh
Twitter: @IWDay_Edinburgh

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