Self Assessment Test
Online Self Assessment for Class Level

1=Exceeds Requirement  2=Needs Improvement  3=Requirement Met
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How many seasons of MADE have you completed? *
How many seasons of another ruleset have you completed? *
Skating Posture *
Bends at knees and hips with shoulders back and swings arms fluidly
Stride *
Has steady, confident, fluid strides. Uses both feet to push forward on straight-aways
Crossovers *
Performs smooth crossovers while skating. Uses both feet for crossovers. Can complete a 5-stride.
Endurance (20 regulation laps) *
 Please enter time below.
Running Toe Start *
T-Stop *
Plow Stop *
Reverse Toe Stop
Required for Class II & I only
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Single Knee Fall *
Left and Right
All Four Fall *
Small & Controlled
Double Knee Fall *
Without Wabbling
Baseball Slide *
No elbow plant.
Single Knee Fall with Turn *
Both right and left.
Balance/Agility *
Forward/Backward/Side to Side/Squatting/One Leg Glide
Jumping *
with both feet simultaneously
Focus *
Can look right and behind quickly and unexpectably.
Weaving *
Maneuvers through 10 cones (preferably without striding)/maneuvers through other skaters using hopping/can weave in and out of a line of skaters/can weave in and out of unexpected falling obstacles.
Giving Whips *
Straight, controlled, and with force
Receiving Whips *
Knees bent, good pull, proper body posture, ride out and recover.
Pushes *
Can give fluid and controlled pushes/Can receive a push without falling.
Blocks *
Performs with good posture and without loss of balance/Takes repeated hits/Does in pack situation * Check all that apply*
Pacing *
Varies speed while being sandwiched/Maintains arms distance to other skaters while being bumped in pack
Leaning *
Can skate while leaning should to shoulder with another skater.
Bumping *
Maintains or recovers balance after being bumped or having wheels bumped.
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First and Last
Skater Name *
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League Affiliation(s) *
Roller Derby Experience *
Please list rulesets played, length of experience, and anything else relevant.
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