Run for SJSU HFES Office!
Become a 2018-2019 SJSU HFES council officer! Sign ups are now open until April 30th at 11:59p!
Let us and your cohort know why you want to be an SJSU HFES officer and what you have in mind for this coming academic year!
Position descriptions are listed below!

To learn more about our organization, here's the 2018 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Handbook:

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail:

-Networking with professors and greater community related to HFES
-Liaison with National HFES
-Ensuring the club documents are filed with SJSU & HFES National
-Set vision and goals
-Gold chapter with National HFES
-Set meeting agendas with secretary
-Hold regular meetings at least once a month
-Maintaining a schedule for objectives to be completed in a timely fashion
-Adhering to the constitution and holding
Vice President
-Maintain membership information & list
-Work with Treasurer to keep us financially sound
-Organize volunteer events
-Reach out to speakers/companies
-Fill in if the president is absent and aiding the president in their duties
-Write meeting minutes
-Help the president set the meeting agendas
-Coordinate monthly meeting
-Keep track of notes & to-dos from meeting & communicating to the team
-Help with PR & events (Website/Facebook/Twitter/Email)
-Maintain HFES bulletin board in ENG488
-Collect evidence for the application of student chapter awards and submitting application to national HFES
-Make budget (with help from council members)
-File the budget and make sure we get reimbursed
-Keep track of paid/unpaid members
-Buy materials (gift cards for speakers, meat for BBQs, etc)
-Maintain inventory
-Give recommendations about spending wisely
-Ideas for fundraising
-Apply for funding from National HFES, College of Engineering, and SJSU Associated Students
Events Director
-Come up with events and schedule them at least once a month (especially social ones)
-Reach out to speakers/companies
-Lay the groundwork for activities/events
-Reserve rooms/venues/parking for events
-Prepare rooms for events
-Help with PR & Marketing the events (Website/Facebook/Twitter/Email)
Marketing Director
-Maintain site by posting events and other information relevant to HFES members
-Post relevant events and information the SJSU HFES Facebook & Twitter pages
-Create flyers and branding for promotional products/events
-Help obtain promotional products for fundraising
For All Council Members
-Attend council meeting on time
-Be prepared for council meetings
-Communicate with everyone especially if there are any obstacles
-Make suggestions
-Utilize network of connections/people to connect HFES members
-Be empowered to make HFES better
-Friendliness and eagerness to help students and the HFES council
-Enthusiasm for Human Factors & Ergonomics and related subjects
-Being proactive and self-directed
-Willingness to successfully carry out assigned tasks
-Help run events
-Sharing HFES related info with the community
-Adhering to the constitution
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