2017 Lake Park Recreation Association Volleyball Form
Please complete the following as HONESTLY as possible. Please remember that Captains will not be able to remember everyone's name and will be drafting blind solely off of your responses on this form. Note that the most important factor associated with the scale is consistency. Someone who scores a 5 in every area should be playing on the AVP tour, not at Lake Park.

Remember that CONSISTENCY is one of the more critical components to ranking as a "5". If you can hammer a spike, but 75% of the time the ball is in the net or the creek you are not a "5". In every skill based category we assume that a "5" can not only perform at a high level, but just as importantly, consistently perform at that high level.

Last Name
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First Name
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Email Address
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Volleyball League Registration Type
Payment method
Are you Male or Female
What is your Age?
(Players under the age of 18 will be allowed if they play for either club or high school level, and are paired with their parent)
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What is your Height?
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Are you willing to be a Captain?
Are you a college student, and if so will you have to go back to school in August and miss playoffs?
Athletic Ability
Mobility, Vertical Leap, Agility, etc
Slow, Short Vertical, Slow reacting, etc
Fast, High Vertical, Agile, etc
will rarely be able to attend
will attend every week, barring the unexpected
Setting Ability
Ability to CLEANLY set the ball, whether it be via bumpset, handset, etc.
God only knows where this is going
Can place the ball to exact spots as requested
Hitting Ability
Ability to CLEANLY and Consistently put the ball over the net into play ( includes bumps, dinks, cuts, and spikes)
Very inconsistent
Can place the ball in exact spots with spike, bumps, whatever
Passing & Digging Ability
Ability to consistently make good, accurate passes, and dig hard it spikes/ serves
Very inconsistent
Ability to pass exactly where desired consistently
Volleyball Experience
No experience
Played at collegiate, or other high level
Knowledge of Volleyball Rules
Didn't know there were rules
Could ref if required
How seriously do you take competing in this league
Just to have fun
I'd run over my mother to win
How frequently have you played in the past 6 months?
Do you have a significant other or relation you would like to be paired with?
Note that we only pair blood relations or GF/BF or husband/wife pairs
Your answer
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