Puppy Buyer Questionnaire ~ Fall Brook Run
I would appreciate if you could fill out the following questionnaire. Once received I will be able to send two copies of the contract with the cost of your pup included. Please sign both, and send back to me with a deposit, I will sign both copies as well. I then will send your completed copy back to you.
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I am purchasing a:
I prefer a:
When I am not home my dog will be housed in:
I have a fenced yard
During the day someone is home __ hours per day
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I have:
How will you exercise your young pup on a daily basis?
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How will you exercise your dog as he/she reaches adulthood?
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I intend to use my dog to hunt the following game:
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I like my dog to hunt:
How will you train your pup to hunt?
I intend to test and have tested my dog
I intend to train for the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test
This is my first Versatile Hunting Dog(VHD)
I intend to hung my dog __ days per hunting season
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I intend to hunt:
Mark any or all
I usually hunt __ hours per day
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I have hunted __ years
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I intend to spay/neuter my dog at __ months of age
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Thank you, Sincerely Mark Bulvanoski
Telephone: 845 439 3841
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