PTS Rep Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming the PTS Representative for your area. It’s a beautiful way to serve the Traveler’s ministry.

The PTS Rep’s role is to hold the focus of PTS for the community. The PTS Rep is part of a team of Reps (MSIA, PTS, Seminar Leader, and Ministerial Board). This team works together to support their MSIA community in living the Traveler’s teachings and reaching out to those who are looking for the Traveler’s teachings. Many who are called to be a PTS Rep find this service role a joyful expression of their ministry.

Please know that as the PTS Rep you will have the support of the PTS team in Los Angeles. The staff at PTS considers our Rep Family as “honorary staff”. It is a blessing to serve and collaborate with you.

This online application will take you 15-20 minutes to complete, depending on your pace. Once you have started filling out this application, PLEASE complete it in its entirety. At the end of the application, you will be asked for letters of recommendation from three people who have experience with interacting with you. Once we have received your completed application and all three recommendations we will follow up with you.

In anticipation of your approval as a PTS Rep, we will be getting your sign-off with MSIA’s Confidentiality Agreement, MSIA’s Mailing List / Database Confidentiality Agreement and PTS’ Policy on Promoting Private Events in this application. Please know that you will receive a formal notice from PTS if you are approved. Your completion of these agreements and policy is not to be mistaken as an approval.

Please download and keep a copy of these agreements and policy for your records.

Confidentiality Agreement Link:

MSIA Mailing List / Database Confidentiality Agreement Link:

PTS Policy on Promoting Private Events Link:

Before you begin, we encourage you to call in the Light, connect with the Traveler and Spirit inside and let the love in your heart complete this application.

God bless you!

In Light & Love,
The PTS Team
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