Vedic Heritage Class 2017-2018 Registration Form
Has the student attended VHS in the past?
Please provide Yes/No information
Will the student be interested to attend CHESS CLASSES ??
Please provide Yes/No/Maybe information
Last Name of the student being registered
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First Name of the student being registered
Please provide only the First name of student
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Age of the student being registered
Please note: the child should be in Kindergarten, at a minimum to join VHS.
If applicable, what class did the child attend during PREVIOUS year??
If the child has attended VHS before, please indicate the class
Is there a specific class that you like your son/daughter to sign up for in 2017-2018????
Use this only if you want to re-take a class or skip a class -- otherwise skip the question
If applicable what chess class would your child attend??
Please check the appropriate class
Contact Information for PARENT -- Email ID
Please indicate the best email that VHS can use to contact the PARENT
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Contact information for PARENT -- Phone Number
Please provide the best number to reach the PARENT -- text enabled phone preferred
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Will the parent be available to volunteer at the VHS??
Parental involvement is critical to the success of VHS. Please participate.
What area of Houston do you live?
This information could potentially be used to explore car-pooling
Have you made the $125 payment to join VHS?
Please pay with check or credit card ( and click on VHS icon)
Please provide payment details
When/Where payment was made???? Check Details??? Receipt Number???
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Other special notes to the VHS coordinators
Please use this area to indicate any other questions/concerns/suggestions
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