I hereby declare that I have read the document "The ENID-Teach Net: ReCoIn-TaD: “International cooperation network for knowledge transfer and digital learning” and declare that I share the objectives, principles, activities and tasks set out in the network as specified in Annex I. 

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Presentation and Object

As a result of this beginning, the network is configured as a space of international, European and Latin American confluence. Grows, enriched and fed back by the participation and contributions of researchers and teachers innovative interdisciplinary field.

The crisis caused by the COVID-19, and isolation that has led, has caused the inter-university networks, strongly cohesive under normal circumstances, have gone to fret. For this reason, The ENID-Teach Net (ReCoIn-TaD) seeks to re-establish the university network that allows the strengthening of connections between European universities and, in turn, on the basis of a specialized training process against disinformation, serves as an antidote to the infodemic.

Now more than ever it is important to address the connections between different university institutions through their teaching staff and the formation of networks with common objectives. The collaboration between the universities and associations that make it up, from an international perspective, seeks to respond to an increasingly uncertain digital society, from an innovative educational approach, where technology and digital pedagogical innovation converge in alternative methodologies that facilitate progress of the university education system.

In short, the network aim is to provide the university community with digital skills and sensitize the university community to the threat posed by the phenomenon of disinformation in general lines for a cohesive Europe, and more specifically in situations of uncertainty, such as the one experienced before the health emergency.

Context of construction

“The ENID-Teach Net (ReCoIn-TaD): International cooperation network for knowledge transfer of and digital learning” was launched in June 2020, through the project “International cooperation network for knowledge transfer of and learning facing postCOVID crisis”. Project funded by the Vice President for Institutional Policy and International Relations of the National University of Distance Education (UNED) (Spain).

The ENID-Teach Net (ReCoIn-TaD) strengthens and reinforces its development within the framework of the project. “European network in D-flexible teaching (ENID-Teach), KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education, 2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000027551”. The ENID-Teach project has been funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. Grant n. 2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000027551. 

Lines of work

On the basis of the established network, different initiatives are proposed:

I1. Train teachers in digital skills through massive open and accessible courses.

The first sMOOC was "Digital Competences in Uncertain Times" whose objective is to digitally train teachers and professionals from different areas of education and civil society. In 2022, on the ENID-Teach Project it has been started to working on the following NOOCs: 

·        NOOC 1. Connected and Critical Methodologies (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese)

·        NOOC 2. Collaborative and Research Methodologies (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese) 

·        NOOC 3. Active and Gamified Methodologies (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese) 

·        NOOC 4. Inverted Methodologies  (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese)

·        NOOC 5. Designing Flexible Learning  D-Programmes  (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese)

I2. Request research projects and innovation that will disseminate to European and Latin American context resources and innovations made. It is intended to be done through the application and development of Erasmus + projects, K2 Action "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices", in the actions "European universities" and "Capacity building in the field of Higher Education". Therefore, transnational projects will be based on a multilateral partnership between higher education institutions.

Participation in projects depends on the calls to be published and the acceptance of them.

I4. Launch cooperative innovation projects between universities with the aim of offering a cartography of digital pedagogies. This mapping is configured taking into account two moments of analysis. On the one hand, analyzing the students' previous academic experiences in education and digital communication. And, on the other, based on the results of the study of the potentiality of innovative pedagogical initiatives based on communication processes, social networks, new narratives, performance, collaborative and active learning, augmented reality, among other methodologies implemented by the network members.

In this line, the UNED began to work in the academic year 2017-18 and is currently working through teaching innovation projects developed by the Communication, Social Networks and New Narrative Group (CoReN) (GID2017-4) Coord. Sonia Santoveña-Casal), to which some of the members of this network belong. The Group carried out a process of mutual enrichment with contributions from other members of INCON-TDL and thus advance the educational innovations internationally.


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