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EVENT DESCRIPTION: We are just over one year into the pandemic and it’s clear the world has changed in BIG and small ways. People’s daily lives and rhythms have shifted, everyone has lost something, and no one is certain what exactly will come next. This means your church or organization has shifted, too, because you work alongside and serve people, after all. Even as buildings open and in-person gatherings become more of a possibility, we recognize that going “back to normal” isn’t actually an option. There is no “normal” to get back to; only whatever comes next. The Holy Spirit has done a new thing in all of us during the pandemic, and we must acknowledge the ways we, our communities and our mission have been changed. From there, we can discern a faithful course forward that responds to those changes and explores new possibilities wherever God is leading your church or organization.

EVENT DETAILS: This free event, hosted by CYMT's Innovation Lab, is Tuesday, May 18, 1-2:30 p.m. CST via Zoom. Zoom link will be provided upon registration. Together we'll walk through a discernment process that starts by courageously assessing your church’s or organization's mission to determine what to keep doing, what to let go, and what new ideas to consider moving forward. Registration deadline: Monday, May 17.

WHO CAN ATTEND: Open to all staff or volunteer ministry, church, and non-profit leaders, and not just those ministering with youth. We’ll engage in a large group session and breakout sessions with fellow ministers. This event would be most fruitful for leadership teams to participate in together, so feel free to extend the invitation to colleagues and team members to register also!
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