Boy Scout Troop 1292 Volunteer Driver Form
By completing this form you are volunteering to serve as a driver for Huntington Woods Boy Scout Troop 1292. You agree to the following terms:
1) I am at least 21 years old and have a valid Michigan driver’s license
2) My vehicle is covered by liability insurance. I understand my personal insurance is primary.
3) I agree to operate my vehicle in a responsible manner and to abstain from tobacco use and/or consuming non-prescription drugs or alcoholic beverages while chaperoning trips and/or transporting youth.
4) I understand that while driving youth, I will:
- Abide by all driving laws.
- Have all occupants secured in working seat belts at all times.
- Refrain from texting or talking on cell phones while driving.

You will be asked to submit an updated form annually with copies of your license and insurance.

Complete the following questions:
Today's Date *
First and Last Name *
Email Address *
Vehicle Model Year *
Vehicle Make *
Vehicle Model *
Number of seating positions with lap and shoulder belts (excluding driver) *
Vehicle condition *
Attach a copy of your valid Michigan driver’s license (scan or take a picture with your phone) *
Attach a copy of your current certificate of insurance that you keep in your vehicle (scan or take a picture with your phone) *
Comments/Additional Information (optional)
Please submit multiple forms for additional vehicles.
If you plan to tow the Troop trailer, please complete the additional form found on the website.
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