MMEA Eastern District Treble Chorus Festival Registration
This Google Form will confirm your registration with your students. If registration for different schools please register separately. Please make sure to press submit when filling out this form.

***** Please keep in mind that each form entry is limited to 5 students. If you have more than 5 students please submit and complete a new form*****

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Approximately how many student are enrolled in your school at each grade you have students participating in.
Example: 4th grade= 65 students, 5th grade =75 students, 6th grade=150
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Number of Students Attending Festival
Rules: The amount of students a teacher can recommend will be based on total SCHOOL enrollment of 4th and/or 5th and/or 6th grade students (as reported by DESE SY17-18) Up to three 3 students for the first 100 students enrolled in 4th and/or 5th and/or 6th-grade Teacher can recommend 1 additional student for each additional 1-50 students in a school's total enrollment of 4th and/or 5th and/or 6th-grade students
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