Unconventional Grant Proposal
Thank you for your interest in the Unconventional Pilgrims grant opportunity from Holy Covenant United Church of Christ. We look forward to reviewing your proposal. A few ground rules and bits of information —

Your proposal must be completed by 11:59pm ET on June 15. Your application will be considered complete when all questions are answered and all documents have been uploaded where required. Late submissions will not be considered.

Our team will review proposals as they are received, but you may make edits until the deadline or add information we may request after our initial review. Once you click "Submit" on your proposal, bookmark the confirmation page so that you can return to edit your work anytime before the deadline.

We have limited text responses to 2,000 characters — approximately 300 words. Please use only as many words as you need to communicate your idea and plans. Longer is not necessarily better.

We will respond to general questions, but cannot review proposals in advance of submission.

Email address *
Name *
Daytime Phone (mobile preferred) *
What faith tradition has shaped you and/or informs your proposal?
Describe the program/ministry you want to create and the difference you hope to make. In other words, what does success look like?
What unmet need (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional) will your program address?
Who is your target audience — whom are you seeking to reach and/or to serve? Please be as specific as is possible/reasonable for your plans.
How does your program support the UCC's core values?
What size grant are you seeking?
What is your proposed budget for your program? If you need more than the grant you're requesting, how will you fund the remainder?
Please provide a timeline for your program.
Describe the metrics or key performance indicators (KPI) you will use to measure the progress and/or success of your program.
Provide resumes for your key leader(s). (PDF only, up to five documents, max file size: 10MB)
Anything you'd like to add?
And you're done!
Thank you for offering Holy Covenant UCC an opportunity to participate in your ministry/program. If we need additional information, we'll be in touch. We expect to make a decision on the selected grant recipient(s) by late summer, with funding provided on or around September 1.
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