eLCC 2017 Strategic Planning Survey
Hello Everyone!

We'd like your input about the next year with the eLearning Consortium of Colorado. eLCC will be holding its 2017 annual retreat on Friday, September 22 at Front Range Community Community College in Westminster from 10 am - 3 pm. Please feel free to attend and share your thoughts as we plan for the new academic year.

Thank you for your time and we are eagerly anticipating your responses.

Please forward this link http://bit.ly/elcc2017survey to any interested colleagues at your institution.

In case you wondering, we did have a monthly meeting in at Laramie County Community College in Wyoming!
What services or programs have you seen in other organizations that you would want eLCC to offer?
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What are the top 3 things eLCC could do to improve or support you better?
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What services or programs haven't you seen anywhere else that you would like eLCC to offer?
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Have you attended any monthly eLCC meetings in the last two years? (Monthly eLCC meetings are open to anyone from an eLCC member institution)
If you have not attended a monthly eLCC meeting in the last 2 years could you please tell us why you haven't attended?
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What value does the eLCC monthly meeting have for you?
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Have you attended an eLCC Conference?
How often have you attended an eLCC conference in the last five years? *
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