Quiz 2 -Washer
Hacienda La Puente Adult Ed. Major Appliance Repair Program
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The direct drive pump impeller is turning________________when the washer is in the spine cycle.
The rubber seal that firs between the air dome and tub must have the small protrusions facing the_____________________.
During the agitation cycle on direct drive washers, water recirculating through the pump.
There are __________________basic types of filters.
If the bleed hole in the "manifold trap" (pump guard) becomes plugged with lint, the washer may not pump out completely.
The position of the flapper in the unidirectional pump determines the ___________________of water flow.
The self-cleaning filter is cleaned by______________the water flow through the filter.
Water inlets provide an air gap or vacuum break to prevent wash water from being siphoned back into the water supply.
On belt drive pumps the _________________ impeller discharges the was and rinse water from the tub.
The purpose of the dual flapper check valve is the top flapper will reduce pump noise during agitation, while the bottom flapper will prevent water from entering into the side of the tube during drain.
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