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Write your answers in Swedish or English, up to you. Please give honest answers, I welcome both positive and negative remarks about the pattern and tutorial. I really want my patterns to be great and your feedback helps that :)

NOTE!! The child should wear a sweater/sweatshirt/hoodie under the jacket when you're evaluating the fit. It's supposed to be an outer garment that you can wear 1-2 layers of clothes under. For example a normal fit t-shirt and a hoodie, or just a sweatshirt...
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What are the child's/children's measurements: (A) chest width, (B) length?
What size/sizes did you sew? If you mixed sizes, describe how.
What kind of fabric did you use? How much stretch did it have? (Use stretch guide in pattern)
What did you think of the width and length of the jacket? Too long/too short? Too wide/too narrow? Please be specific. The jacket should be evaluated when the child wears a sweater under it.
How did it go with the neckline? The collar's length should be the same as the jacket's neckline's length. Did the neckline and collar fit (when you sewed them in step 27), or was one larger than the other?
What did you think of the sleeves? Too long/too short? Too wide/too narrow?
What did you think of the pockets? Large enough for the child to put his/her hands in?
What did you think of the hood? Too big/too small? Anything else?
What did you think of the tutorial? Any steps that were difficult to understand?
Did you measure your print-out of the pattern? Was the test-rectangle correct?
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Please measure the width of your sewn jacket. Measure across the back just below the sleeves.
How to measure
Can I use your photos on my blog (and possible also instagram/facebook)?
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Would you like to write a short review of the pattern? You can do that here. I like to publish a few reviews on my website :)
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