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This form describes many of our volunteer needs.
Many of our teachers welcome helpers in their classrooms; we also need families to pitch in for various school performances and celebrations. Our Green Lunchroom and Green Team especially need volunteers to help our students remember how to sort food waste and to maintain the green spaces. We will train you!

*You MUST fill out the GUSD Volunteer Agreement Form

*Volunteers MUST provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR a negative test within 48 hours of volunteering.

*You MUST have a negative TB test on file: https://www.gusd.net/domain/3706

Send documentation to Franklin's health clerk, Francis Arensdorff (farensdorff@gusd.net).

Volunteers MUST agree to all COVID safety protocols, including wearing a mask over the nose and mouth when indoors

Volunteers must follow all GUSD Board Policies relate to volunteering on campus.

For the safety of our students and to maintain the a productive school environment, please adhere to the following rules:

-All guests are required to sign in at the front office upon arrival and sign out when leaving.
-All volunteers must wear a visible visitor sticker from the Front Office at all times
-All volunteers must remain in their assigned work areas at all times. Never enter classrooms or the playground unless you have made prior arrangements with staff.
-If you need to speak with a teacher regarding a personal issue or your child’s progress, please schedule a meeting with that teacher.
-Please silence your phone while on campus. If necessary, please step outside the classroom to use your phone to text or make phone calls.
-To minimize disruption and to obey confidentiality laws, volunteers may NOT take pictures and/or videos of students and staff.
-Confidentiality is a legal obligation. Do not discuss the academic or behavioral progress of any student with anyone, including the student’s parents.
A-ll disciplinary matters may ONLY be addressed by GUSD staff. If you observe any disciplinary situation, please notify a staff member immediately. Volunteers may NOT discipline students.
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