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The purpose of this form is to reach out to all readers and subscribers of newsletter to find out what areas the reader has an interest in. I am looking to trim out the areas in the newsletter that readers and subscribers have no interest in. There are many news categories/areas to choose from.

So, I need as many readers and subscribers who will help me by providing me your valued feedback on this Newsletter Assessment Evaluation to know what areas of the newsletter you have an interest in. Each section requires a Yes or No answer. There is an additional Comment area in each section to give you, the reader/subscriber, the ability to provide any additional feedback/comments on that section if you choose to do so. It is not a required field. If you do not have any comments, just click on the Next button after answering Yes or No to that section. Once you have made your selection, please click on the Next button to move to the next section. There are a total of 19 sections.

U.S.A. News
This section provides news items of things going on in America including President Trump, U.S. Government, Fake News, Misc., The "Wall," the Green New Deal, and news of what is happening in different states in America as well as the Democratic Party, Republican Party News.
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