Coffee Hour with Martha Bulyk
Friday, December 8th
3:00-4:00pm - Countway 503, Ballard Room, HMS, Boston
Coffee, tea, and pastries will be provided!

Join us for an exciting and insightful coffee hour with Professor Martha Bulyk on Friday December 8th at 3pm in Countway Library! Martha received her BS in Biology and Mathematics from MIT in 1993 and her PhD in Biophysics from Harvard University in 2001. She is currently a Professor in the Division of Genetics in the Department of Medicine at Harvard and and in the Department of Pathology at Brigham & Women's Hospital and HMS. Her research focuses on understanding transcriptional cis-regulatory elements and elucidating the interactions between sequence specific transcription factors and their DNA binding sites, using a variety of experimental and computational approaches. Come enjoy coffee, tea, and pastries while learning more about Martha's research and her perspective on women in science!

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