The Adjunct Project Survey on Hours Worked in CUNY
Please give us your best estimate of hours worked on a weekly basis per semester class
Email address
Do you work as an Adjunct or Graduate Teaching Fellow (GTF) in CUNY?
How many CUNY classes do you teach per semester?
At how many CUNY campuses do you teach?
How many preparation hours do you work weekly per class?
Do you have appointments with students weekly (including through e-mail communication, Blackboard, etc.), outside of your 1 office hour per 2 classes on each campus? If so, how many hours do you do this work?
How many hours weekly do you spend grading student papers?
How many hours do you spend doing other administrative work outside of class (tabulating attendance for the class, doing attendance reports, tabulating grades, uploading or copying articles or other texts for students' use, writing letters of recommendation, observation conferences, etc.)?
How many teaching or contact hours do you work weekly per class?
Do you work a weekly office hour (1 per 2 classes on each campus)?
How many total hours (including contact/classroom hours) do you work per course per week?
Do you teach on non CUNY campuses?
Do you get public assistance (food stamps, rental assistance) to make ends meet?
What other things would you like the Adjunct Project to know about your work load, or your department expectations that affect it?
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Could you give us your contact information to keep in touch and give you the results of this survey? You can also join The Adjunct Project's list - to build a stronger adjunct/gtf movement across CUNY!
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