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Artificial intelligence and robots are transforming how we work and live. Come explore cutting-edge computational thinking and hands-on problem solving with some of the brightest minds in the field.

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Adzo, Kofi, Ama and Mansa are sixth-formers who like to work on maths problems together. Sometimes they tease their teacher by handing in a single, typed set of solutions. When questioned on one occasion, they make the following set of statements, each of which is either true or false. Adzo: It was Kofi. Kofi: It was Mansa. Ama: It was not me. Mansa: What Kofi says is wrong.
Use the preamble above to solve the following questions below.
a) Let us suppose that exactly one of the four is lying and the other three are telling the truth. Who is lying? Who typed out the solutions?
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b) Let us now suppose that exactly one of the four is telling the truth and the other three are lying. Who is telling the truth? Who typed out the solutions?
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c) Now suppose that two of the statements are true and two are false. Who are the people who could have typed out the solutions?
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d) Without prior knowledge of the number of true statements, what can we say about the identity of the typist?
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