2020 Low-Line Market Vendor Application
Thank you for your interest in vending at the 2020 Low-Line Market season. The Market is held Thursday evenings from June 4 through October 15 from 3:30pm – 7:30pm (ending at 7pm in September & October) under the auxiliary exit of the Southport CTA Brown Line station. Please note, vendor space is limited and filling out an application does not guarantee participation. Low-Line Market reviews all applications carefully and accepts vendors that best meet the market needs.

Please answer all applicable questions as completely as possible, attaching additional sheets of paper as necessary. See market rules and guidelines for more information at www.LowLineMarket.com

Once accepted to the market you will need to submit a copy of Commercial General Liability Insurance with Friends of Lakeview, Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Transit Authority and City of Chicago listed as additionally insured as follows:
Description: Friends of Lakeview, Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Transit Authority and the City of Chicago are listed as additionally insured.
Certificate Holder: Friends of Lakeview, 1409 W. Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613

 Organic certificate or other certifications regarding production practices
 Health Department permit and/or certifications
 City of Chicago health inspection report (within 6 months of market start date)
 Sampling or Food Service Manager certificate
 Copies of applicable licenses


If you have any questions, contact the Market Manager at (773) 472-7171 ext. 105 or lowlinemarket@lakeviewchamber.com.
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Please confirm you have read the 2020 Market Rules & Guidelines (located at www.LowLineMarket.com) and agree to abide to the rules and regulations listed in this document. *
Business & Contact Information
Please ensure that the information you are providing is thorough and accurate. You should include contact information for the primary business contact, address and phone for all business related matters, including payments and invoicing. You should also include, in the appropriate field, contact information for day-of market operations.
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Social Media Handles (if applicable, for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
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Market Staffing: List individual(s) responsible for market-day stall management and sales other than yourself, if any. Include full name, email and phone number: *
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Business Type (Check Only One) *
I will submit a copy of my Illinois Sales Tax Certificate to the Market Manager via email or mail. *
Please note that Illinois requires that sales tax be collected on the sale of food and goods. All applicants must submit a copy of your Illinois Sales Tax Certificate by email or mail.
Vendor Type (Check All Applicable Options) *
General Information
Please list all City of Chicago and non-city farmers markets where you have sold and where you intend to sell in 2020. *
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Are you Certified Organic? *
If yes, please list certifying agency and date of last inspection:
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Do you possess any certificates regarding your production practices not mentioned above? If so, please list.
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Do you grow and/or raise all products or ingredients that you plan to sell at Low-Line Market? If no, who do you purchase or take on consignment from?
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Do you intend to distribute a CSA at our market? *
Vendor Cost
Farmer/Producer: Must grow/produce 100% of the product they sell, with an exception approved by the Market Manager. Vendor fee is $325 for one 10’ x 10’ space for the season

Processor/Prepared Foods: Any vendor who sells a value-added product who is not the primary grower or producer of the raw ingredients used to make that product. Vendor fee is $425 for one 10’ x 10’ space for the season.

Craft Goods: Any vendor that makes craft goods such as knits, jewelry, woodworking, ceramics, prints, art, cards, bath and body products, clothes, etc. Vendor fee is $425 for one 10' x 10' space for the season.

Bi-weekly Vendor: Any vendor who would like to attend the market every other week. Vendor fee dependent on type of vendor and number of dates and it includes one 10' x 10' space.

Pop-Up or Short-Term Vendor: Any vendor who would like to sell at anywhere from 1-6 market dates. Pop-Up vendor fee is $30 per market and includes one 10' x 10' space.
Please select the type of vendor you are applying as based on the above descriptions. (select all that apply) *
Market Dates: *
Vendors are expected to participate in the market each week for the entire season unless they are a bi-weekly or pop-up vendor. If you are a weekly vendor, please list any dates you will NOT be present at the market. If you are a bi-weekly or pop-up vendor, please list the dates you would like to attend the market.
What makes your product a good fit for Low-Line Market? *
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Farmers Only
List all items you plan to sell at the market. Include the item, number of varieties, approximate date available (ex. June Wk 2), acreage/qty and whether or not it's organic. Email any additional documents to Market Manager at LowLineMarket@LakeviewChamber.com.
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Please list all of your farm sites, including land description and address, county, city, state, number of acres, total acreage in production, greenhouse, tunnels, landlord and landlord phone. Email map for each site to the Market Manager at LowLineMarket@LakeviewChamber.com (show farm boundaries, growing areas, crop locations, storage sheds, and packing/processing facility locations).
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Produce Farmers Only
List your suppliers for seeds. Do you use seeds treated with insecticides or fungicides? If so, explain why.
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What are your pest and weed control practices?
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Animal Product Farm Vendors Only
List your suppliers for feed. What kind of feed (contents of feed, supplier and whether it is GMO/certified organic/other) do you use for your animals?
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What are your animal handling practices? Do you treat your animals with any hormones or antibiotics?
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Processors/Prepared Food Only
Includes baked goods, cheese, dairy products, honey, jam, jellies, juice, maple syrup, granola, all meat and poultry items, soaps, oils, etc
Please list the name for each product you intend to sell at the market.
Your answer
List the ingredients and source for each ingredient that you use to make each product you plan to sell at the market.
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Labeling of Processed Products
Every food pre-packed in advance of retail sale must bear the following information in English on label:
1) The common and/or usual name of the product
2) The name, address and zip code of the manufacturer, processor, packer, preparer or distributor
3) The contents of the package
4) A list of ingredients in order of their predominance by weight, with ingredients shown by their common or usual name
5) A list of any artificial color, artificial flavor or preservative used
Provide the following information for each packaged or processed product you intent to sell at the market. Please email Market Manager additional sheets if necessary.
1) Product Name, 2) Packager, 3) Phone Number, 4) Address, 5) City, 6) State, 7) Zip
Your answer
Provide the following information for the commercial kitchen or facilities where you make your packaged or processed product. Please also email a copy of the Health Inspection Report of your commercial kitchen to the Market Manager.
1) Location of Kitchen, 2) Inspection Agency, 3) Phone, 4) Inspecting Agent Name, 5) Inspection Date, 6) Expiration Date
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Are your products organic?
Is your licensed processing location USDA licensed?
Low-Line Market Letter of Agreement
I have read the 2020 Low-Line Market FAQ and Guidelines, and agree to abide by and operate by the provisions set forth in this document, cooperate with the Market Manager and pay the required fee.I understand that the management reserves the right to restrict the type(s) of products I can sell at the Low-Line Market.

I agree that any new, additional products must be pre-approved by the Market Manager prior to sale. I acknowledge those products must be of my own production or produced at the location described on my application. I acknowledge full responsibility for all of my activities in the Low-Line Market (and for those assisting me) throughout the term of this season’s Market (2020).

Reimbursement to Low-Line Market: Applicant hereby agrees to reimburse Low-Line Market for any expense in regards to excessive clean up or restoring, and repairing the premises occasioned by any use or activity carried on by applicant or those under applicant’s permit.

Indemnification and Hold-Harmless Agreement: The undersigned, by themselves and, if different, for the person or organization on behalf of whom this application is submitted, hereby covenants to indemnify the Low-Line Market and its officers, agents, employees and assigns, and to hold them harmless, from any liability and/or for any contractual or quasi-contractual obligations to third parties in connection with the activity, event use or occurrence.I understand that breaking any of this agreement may result in removal from the 2020 Market.

I understand that the Market Manager and Friends of Lakeview reserve the right to terminate any vendor agreement and remove a vendor from the Market at any time, and agree to withdraw from the market if asked to do so.

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and accurate:
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Date *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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