Alientrap 3d Artist (Feb 6th, 2018)
Update March 27th: Applications are now closed! We may still be looking for a 3d artist, to apply directly please now email

Alientrap is a Toronto based game developer looking for a Unity 3d Artist for our FPS Gunhead, and to help with our other upcoming game projects (Modbox/Wytchwood). We are looking for 3d artists with technical proficiency, who are able to create game ready assets and implement them into our projects.

We are also looking for a C# developer on another form:

All work must be done in Canada, and we are looking for a variety of time commitments (part time or full time depending on the candidate).

Being Ontario based is a large plus - Some of our projects are almost entirely Ontario developed (Gunhead/Wytchwood/Apotheon/Cryptark), while others are developed internationally (Modbox).

Majority of work will be remote (we communicate on Slack, use Trello for project management, and SVN/GIT for version control).

We have a variety of projects and our biggest factor in judging will be on previous work - shown with videos, public projects. Anything we can check out.

Some additional bonus skills:
- Low poly
- Shaders
- UI and usability

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