All commissions are currently open!

Slots are filled at my discretion and you may be put on a waitlist. Either way, I will contact you ASAP after you fill this form. If you are put on the waitlist, I will message you when a slot is available for you.

Did you know Patrons get first dibs on slots and $15/mo gets you a discount? Go to www.patreon.com/portzebie for details.

(July 11, 2018): Prices have gone down. Option for Stream Special added, but will be disregarded outside Special sale times.

(June 20, 2018): Extra characters are now cheaper.

(June 14, 2018): Added a Discount Code option. General housekeeping and title descriptions.

Prices may fluctuate dependent on overall complexity/detail of the picture and are always negotiable. All prices are in USD($).

Bust: $20 / $30 (colored)
Full body/Waist-up: $30 / $40 (colored)
Extra character: $25 / $35 (colored)

Bust: $65 / $90 (colored, some shading)
Full body/Waist-up: $80 / $100 (colored, some shading)
Extra character: $60 / $85 (colored)

FULL RENDERS (inked, colored, fully shaded)
Bust: $130
Full body/Waist-up: $170
Extra character: $140

$15 / $25 (colored)

ICONS (full body not available)
$30 (ink/color) / $55 (full render)

TELEGRAM STICKERS (minimum of four per order)
Waist-up/Bust: $30 each
Full body or interaction with 2nd character: $50

Extra Options
SIMPLE (or simplified) PROPS: no extra charge

The following prices do not pertain to and are not available for doodles, icons or Telegram stickers:

DETAILED PROPS: $15-$55 per prop (examples: weapons, tools, rubber chickens, etc)
ALTERNATE COSTUMES/VERSIONS: $15-$55 per character/costume (example: nude version, underwear version)
DETAIL SHOT: $15-$70 (example: close-up of the face, reaction)

BACKGROUND/SCENERY: add $40 (sketch) / $55 (colored sketch) / $85 (inks) / $110 (flat colors) / $180 (full render)

Simple color gradient backgrounds or white space are free of charge. Background/scenery prices may fluctuate depending on level of detail necessary.

Subject Matter

clean or adult-rated drawings/pin-ups of furries, humans or other humanoids of any gender and sexuality, realistic body types of all shapes and sizes, non-sexualized cubs/children, non-sexual gore, non-sexual feral, macro/micro, bondage, inflatables


copyrighted characters (derivatives or cosplay is allowed), rape/non-consentual themes, taurs (not very good at drawing them), cub porn/pedophilia or related fetishes, watersports/scat or related fetishes, pregnancy porn, gore porn, feral porn/zoophilia, transformation, ingestion/vore, extreme/violent bondage, self-harm/suicide, extreme inflation/bloat, hyper, extreme muscle mass, large amounts of multi-genitalia, human on anthro sex, other assorted extremes and kinks etc etc


The use of my own original characters in your commission will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Typically, SFW themes are totally acceptable across the board. Romantic or sexual themes are not available with Portz, Ether or Taryn. I also do not offer any discounts with my characters. Feel free to e-mail me at portzebie@gmail.com with any questions before filling out this form.

Terms of Service
Artwork will take anywhere between two days to one month to complete (dependent on complexity). If there is a deadline for when you want the piece done, please fill in the proper space on this form so I can know in advance and plan ahead. When it comes time to pay for your commission, an invoice will be sent via PayPal or Square. (Invoices must be paid within 10 days or your slot is forfeit. Payment plans are available through this form for orders over $100 but must be paid in full within two months.)

Once the invoice is paid, a sketch will be provided as an evaluation stage for the commissioner. Please be sure to let me know if any changes need to be made. Once I get your approval on the sketch, major reworkings (new pose, character, etc) will require additional payment. Minor edits (such as color corrections) are free of charge. Any production stages for your commission (sketch-work, ink-work, etc) are available per your request.

I will retain rights on the final piece and will upload them to my online art galleries or I may make prints to sell at conventions unless specifically asked not to. Finished product can be printed for personal use and can be posted on your gallery/website or even on imageboards as long as you post it unedited and give me proper credit. Any and all artwork will be drawn and delivered in a high-resolution (300 dpi) digital .PNG format, along with a smaller resolution version for posting on your own galleries.

If there are any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask me at portzebie@gmail.com.

Refund Policy
Refunds can be requested at any point by e-mailing me. Once a refund is requested, any work not yet completed will be reimbursed. (Example of this: A $180 full render is at sketch stage when a refund is requested. Since a sketch is normally $30, the commissioner will be reimbursed $150.)

No refunds will be issued on artwork that has been entirely completed. In the case no work has been completed (or at my discretion), a full refund may be issued.

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