ASD Elementary Assignment Preference Form (3131-F)
Anacortes is a non-boundary school district, meaning that elementary placement is not done by geographic boundaries, but by certain criteria and guidelines listed below, per board policy 3131.

This form is not required, but can be submitted if a parent would like to make a specific request.

Assignment of students to a specific school and/or classroom will be based on the following guidelines:

A. The availability of special services as required by the student’s IEP.

B. Placement preference will be granted per law to full-time certificated and classified school employees.

C. Balance of class size at grade levels within buildings and across the district. Considerations may include:
• The gender balance of each classroom.
• The number of students who are receiving ancillary services and/or have behavior control problems.

D. Educational welfare of the student. Considerations may include:
• Continuity of the school program for the student.
• Social and behavioral factors (such as bringing together or separating peers when the judgment of the
principal, teachers and parents indicates it is a significant issue.)
• Matching the learning styles of the student and the instructional styles of the teacher.

E. Keeping siblings together.

F. Proximity to school.

G. Transportation costs when significant.

H. Preference of parents or guardians.

I. New non-resident choice students enrolled in the district under Policy #3141 will be placed at each elementary school after resident students are placed at each enrollment deadline. Returning non-resident students will be treated in the same manner as resident students, provided that their annual non-resident approval form is timely filed and accepted.

Directions: This form is to be completed by a child’s parent or guardian. Please answer the following questions and submit this form when complete.

Request forms received on or before May 15 will receive priority consideration. Requests must be received in writing to be considered by our team.
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