Prefect Application Process for 2016/17

You must demonstrate in your application the following criteria;

Leadership Potential
To qualify to apply to become a Prefect, you will either:
• have demonstrated strong leadership potential and the willingness to take responsibility
• believe that you have the potential to be a leader and show a willingness to take responsibility

Consistently Positive
You will also have demonstrated a consistently positive approach to the school and your learning, this means:
• Reliability – Good attendance and punctuality
• Presentation - Wearing full school uniform.
• Good conduct - No recent behaviour issues at any time during the school day, and consistently positive and co-operative conduct in all lessons
• Respect - Positively acknowledging the authority of the school at all levels
• Organisation – Coursework and homework being completed within the set timescales
• Ambition/Aspiration – the majority of effort/application grades in your tracking and reports are good or outstanding

In addition to the above, you will be committed to:
• Attend functions out of school hours acting as ambassadors for the school
• Read in assembly
• Carry out duties during break and lunch time working in collaboration with teaching staff.

As a Prefect you will always:
• Uphold the school’s code of conduct and broader expectations
• Carry out the duties required of you
• Actively support and promote the school ethos
• Be a good ambassador for the school and for your Year
• Correctly wear full school uniform
• Maintain good attendance and be on time for school and lessons

Application Form

In submitting this completed form, I understand that I will be a role model for peers and for younger students and must therefore conduct myself accordingly. Prefects will model rights respecting behaviour including a positive approach to their learning, and to that of others. I also confirm that I have discussed my application with my parent(s)/carer who support my application

I also recognise what being a Prefect will demand from me and I will meet all requirements of the position. Furthermore I understand that should I fail to satisfy the requirements for the post, my Prefect status and privileges will be withdrawn.

In the table below, please write a short paragraph on how you can demonstrate the following requirements. Please limit your answers to no more than 100 words for each question.

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