YOUtopia 2019 Scholarship Ticket Application
Hello, YOUtopians! Want to go to YOUtopia but can't afford a regularly priced ticket? Then YOU are in the right place! For the 2019 event, there will be Scholarship Tickets available at the discounted price of $85. These tickets will only be available by using a unique link. How do you get this link? You earn it! The Scholarship Tickets are merit-based. Yes, that means you have to work for them! We want to give these links to those who give back to this event - and the Burning Man community - in the most meaningful and creative ways possible. More specifically, we would like you to create something that represents/embodies your favorite of the 10 Principles. Yes, we are aware that this is a vague request. We felt this would allow for maximum creative efforts to be applied. Keeping that in mind, go forth and answer questions! Be bold! Be creative! Wow us! Knock our socks right off our happy little feet! We will review the applications as they come in, however we may not make final decisions regarding ticket awards until all applications are received. The deadline for submitting a Scholarship Ticket application is September 30th at 11:59p.m. We look forward to seeing how YOU will participate in YOUtopia!! NOTE: Only one (1) application per email address. As part of YOUtopia's Scholarship Ticketing Program, Scholarship Ticket recipients will be required to submit a post-event report detailing the outcomes of their creation and/or participation in YOUtopia. WHEN DONE WITH YOUR CREATION, EMAIL IT TO ART@SDYOUTOPIA.COM. THIS MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO THE EVENT AND PRIOR TO APPROVAL FOR THE TICKET.
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