Open Mic Night (Bonus Edition)
Monday, Oct. 22 at 7 PM, Books@café, Rainbow St.
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Open Mic Night (Bonus Edition)
Joins us this Monday for an unforgettable open mic night featuring live, local musical talent, slam poetry, stand-up comedy, and acting, dance, and more! Doors open for sign-ups thirty minutes prior to the event. Tickets are 5 JDs each to be paid at the door on the night of it. Bring a friend, and their talent, and we'll see you there!
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A footnote;
All performers are required to arrive 15-30 minutes early. Guests, the later you arrive, the higher the chance you'll be enjoying the event standing, or seated on the floor. Seats may be limited. All proceeds are used to fund the technician, equipment, and venue booking. See you there!
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