Mathematics Sin Frontera Application/Solicitud
Pan-American Lecture Series

12 bilingual, engaging, inclusive lectures to expose students to new ideas in math, to build mathematical community, and to foster cross-cultural communication

All participants are welcome, though lectures will be most appropriate for those in their first or second undergrad year, and preference will be given to those in underrepresented or underprivileged groups. Students need not speak both English and Spanish; the lecturers are comfortable with both.

Last Name/Apellido *
First Name/Nombre *
Email address/Correo electronico *
Gender/Genero *
Are you an underrepresented minority?/¿Perteneces a alguna comunidad marginal o minoritaria? *
Program you are currently enrolled in (example: BS in Mathematics)/Programa académico que cursas actualmente (ejemplo: licenciatura en matemáticas) *
Institution (example: Ohio State University)/Lugar donde cursas tu programa académico (ejemplo: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) *
How many semester have you completed?/Nivel alcanzado en el programa académico que cursas actualmente (ejemplo: 4 semestres) *
What math courses have you taken?/¿Que clases de matemáticas has tomado? *
Country and city were you attend college (example: U.S.A-Columbus Oh) /País y ciudad en el que cursas tu programa académico (ejemplo: México-Ciudad de México) *
How would you rate your internet connection?/¿Cómo calificarías tu conexión a internet? *
Why are you interested in participating in the program?/¿Por qué te interesa participar de este programa? *
English Level/Spanish level *
Very Fluent/Idioma Natal
Have you used Zoom before?/¿Has usado el programa Zoom antes? *
I can attend the 12 sessions of the program/Puedo participar en las 12 sesiones del programa *
How did you hear about this program?/¿Como escuchaste de este programa? *
Is there anything else you want us to know? (example: are you first gen student?/¿Hay algo mas que quieras que sepamos? (por ejemplo: eres primera generación de tu familia que va a la universidad?
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