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There is a suggested $10 donation per training (Excluding Station Orientation). Please be aware that training is subject to capacity, you will be notified if a session you signed up for is full. E-mail if you have any questions.

Core Training
All new programmers are required to take the full Core Training program which consists of 4 sessions. These sessions are modular, meaning that they can be taken in any order.

Core 1: Policy and Regulations
The basics of your responsibilities as a programmer: the laws and policies that govern you as a broadcaster at Co-op Radio. We also look at how to work well as a group and communication skills when giving feedback.

Core 2: On-Air Skills
The basics of on-air skills: show formats, interview skills, writing for radio. We also look at communication skills when receiving feedback.

Core 3: Fundraising and Community Engagement
The skills you need to help you meet your fundraising requirements to the station: donor types,strategies for fundraising, how to pitch on-air and in-person. We also look at how to use social media to connect with your audience.

Core 4: Production Skills
The basics of recording and editing sound: proper recording technique, using Audacity to edit sound.

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Station Orientation
Core 1 (Policy)
Core 2 (Radio Skills)
Core 3 (Fundraising)
Core 4 (Audacity)
Operator Training
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