Naga Bakehouse: Pizza Night 8.26.20
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Place your orders by Tuesday at noon and sign up for your pickup slot between 5 and 7 on Wednesday. On Wednesday please arrive to Naga Bakehouse (Sundog Lane, Middletown Springs) as close to your 15-minute time slot as possible. We’ll have a tent set up at the bottom of the road and we’ll be there to greet you, pizza in (gloved) hand.

Remember, we started this in an effort to be here for our community, so if you can’t afford a pie just let us know, we’ll provide one, no questions asked! Just choose the “free of charge, please” payment option when you order.
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Good ol' sauce and cheese with homemade sauce and fresh mozzarella $14
Mixed greens sprinkled with red onion crescents, fresh garlic & crumbled feta, topped with a balsamic glaze (because it’s sooo good!)$16
Fresh southern peaches & sharp cheddar, dotted with brown sugar - a Naga favorite! $16
Roasted garlic infused ricotta, topped with fresh-off the-Naga-vine heirloom tomato slices and mozzarella $16
Dollops of fresh goat cheese with fire roasted vegetables, caramelized onions, and sharp cheddar $16
Pesto: A wonderful combination of basil, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and sea salt whirrrrred up, packed, and quickly frozen. This pesto is nut-free! $8/tub.
Bag of garlic knots $6
Box of brown sugar & cinnamon knots with a sweet glaze $8
Stuffed bread with black olives and goat cheese $8
Kale bombs - kale, minced garlic, olive oil and parmesan $8
Pickup time at Naga Bakehouse for August 26 *
Reserve a table! Sit in the meadow, watch the skies glow, listen to some live music and chow down on your pizza. We have limited tables available, so they will be offered on a first come first served basis. Tables will be safely distanced and can seat one household or quarantine group. We will send you a confirmation email to accept your reservation.
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Good Ol' Sauce and Cheese $14
All other topped pizzas $16
Garlic Knots $6
Brown Sugar Cinnamon Knots $8
Stuffed Breads $8
Tub of Pesto $8
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