Chemical and Nanomaterials Safety Training and Testing
This short survey aims to assess how organisations currently access training in chemicals and nanomaterials and how they would ideally like to receive training. It also asks the question about use of in vitro methods for chemicals testing.
It's aim is to guide two H2020 projects on best formats for project outputs to achieve maximum impact on target users.
Survey submissions can be anonymous and your contribution will not be used for any further follow up unless you specifically opt in (for survey and project results). This is not for use in any commercial training of testing development.
Your contact details will not be shared beyond NIA aisbl.
This survey contributes towards H2020 projects caLIBRAte (686239) and PATROLS (760813)
What is your organisation's main role in the chemical/materials sector? *
Do staff within your organisation undertake any formal chemical/material safety training? *
Do you manufacture, manage or handle nanomaterials? *
If Yes, does your organisation offer any training specifically on safety issues of nanomaterials?
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