Jukwaa La Uziduaji 2019-Registration Form
Jukwaa La Uziduaji (Tanzania Extractive Industries Conference) is the principle space for extractive related stakeholders to meet and critically discuss, exchange experiences and learn from one another aiming to enhance transparency and accountability agenda in the management of the Mining, Oil and Natural gas in Tanzania. The space brings together participants from the government, companies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), academia, Media, local communities and other like-minded individuals from national, regional and international levels.

For 2019, Jukwaa La uziduaji is slated to take place from 6 to 7 November 2019 in Dodoma-central and capital city of Tanzania. The event since 2018 is also part of civil society week that brings others CSOs to engage on different sectoral thematic areas. The CSO week under the theme "Progress through partnership; collaboration as a driver for development” is slated 4 to 8 of November 2019.

In view of the country’s desire to become a middle-income country, strong partnership and collaboration among various range of stakeholders is a catalyst for sustainable development. Notwithstanding the government priority areas, industrialization is promising to be a hinge for the wide-ranging economic sectors including the extractive industries. We, therefore acknowledge that proper management of the sub sector oil and natural gas coupled with enhanced partnership and collaboration would be a critical driver to realize the country’s 2025
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