ICBC Choir Form 2020
I am trying to gauge the likelihood of our choir return to ICBC. At this moment, we could not accommodate more than 18-20 people in the loft. That number could increase if family members in the choir could sing next to each other. Based on how many are comfortable returning for church, it's possible I will have to split the active choir members into 4 rotating teams- if only about 40 of you are willing to return, the teams will be fewer and you'll be singing more often. Once you are scheduled for a Sunday, you would come to a rehearsal on Wednesday prior to the Sunday you are scheduled. You would then be asked to sing for both services for that Sunday (warm-up at 8:20). Eventually we will return to a more normal schedule of weekly rehearsals and Sundays.

I wish I could just take the number of willing participants and equally schedule you all, but realistically I will need some of you every week to make sure we have a strong sound. Please be patient with me during the first several weeks as I adjust our groups. It's going to be difficult enough to balance the choir with the orchestra when we only have about 1/3 of you at a time.

Christmas at Ivy Creek is perhaps the pinnacle of our choir year. I'm praying that this year is no different. However, I realize some adjustments will need to be made if many of you are still not comfortable singing yet. If we can't do it with everyone, we're going to do an entirely different concept for Christmas at Ivy Creek this year, which will allow us to do things safely. I'm going to ask some questions below about it and I covet your responses.
What is your name?
What is your voice part? *
Are you comfortable returning to choir beginning in August if non-cohabitating members are placed six feet apart in the choir loft? *
If you indicated you're not comfortable returning to the choir yet, please use the space below to explain why.
Once you return to the choir initially, the physical space between persons might make it difficult to hear others in your section. Are you comfortable enough in your singing to be able to maintain your part without the help of others in your section? *
In order to increase capacity in the choir loft we have the option to put family members (which we have many in the choir) next to each other. Would you be willing/able to sing next to your family member for the time being? Like the previous question, you'll need to be comfortable in your part. *
If we had a special Wednesday evening time of music for the entire music ministry sometime during the fall, where we used the entire sanctuary to spread out all choir and orchestra members, how likely would you be to attend this event? (This is a time to just get together and sing as a choir) *
At this point, I am willing to sing in the choir for a typical Christmas at Ivy Creek. This means full choir and orchestra (no physical distancing). *
If deemed necessary, I am willing to sing in Christmas a Christmas musical option that would allow us to remain physically distant in the choir loft. *
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