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"If knowledge is power, learning is a super power!"

At Paper Wings, we think that everyone in the world should have the chance to master meaningful 21st century competencies that can help them to help others to help us all.

WE believe in a virtuous circle of learning, building, sharing and learning again.

​Paper Wings fully finances the college degree of brilliant minds with caring souls.

​Applications open until end of day, August 22nd, 2021 (WEST).

Official Rules available here:
Your application is kept confidential and only shared with the Program Committee for review.
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The selection should be aligned with the course you are applying at the university. (e.g. Other: Tourism, Maintenance, Art)
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Write the title of the course you are applying (e.g. First Degree on Computer Science; Master's Degree in Network and Information Systems Engineering; Master in Electrical and Computers Engineering, etc.)
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Your 2035 Biography *
Imagine you have been invited to be the keynote speaker in 2035 at a technology event; write what you would like a 3000 characters (aprox 500 words) biography to say about you.
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Prepare a 3 minute pitch video with an idea for an innovation, describing how technology can make a positive impact on the world. Add here the link to a youtube or vimeo video link. Make sure the video has the correct permissions for the jury to watch it.
Letter to a CEO. *
Craft a 1500 to 2000 word (15000 characters aprox) letter to the CEO of a Technology Company giving advice on which technology they could build to create a better tomorrow.
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