Baseline Survey for NSOU students conducted by NSOU-SVS & COL-CEMCA
Baseline Study with special reference to enrolment, teaching-learning process, content and learning outcome
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Opinion about the Self Learning Materials (SLMs) {tick only one box in each row} *
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Are the study materials duly self-explanatory and rigorous?
Are the study materials voluminous in nature?
Are the study materials learner-friendly?
Is the language used in the study materials easy to understand?
Does the study material contain sufficient illustrations and worked out examples?
Opinion about the Teaching-Learning Process {Tick only box in each row} *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The study material is received by the learners before counseling
The learner is allowed to learn at his/her own pace
Counseling sessions at the study center are beneficial
The interaction of the Counselor with the learners is intersting
The counselor is punctual in attending the class
Online lectures are preferred over attending Counseling sessions
In case of Practical classes, the workshop sessions are conducted to the full satisfaction of the learners
Learning Outcome {Tick only one box in each row} *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Course unit description clearly state learning outcomes
Course unit description clearly state learning objectives
Assignments are based on learning outcomes
Attitude towards ICT & Mobile Learning
Accessibility of ICT support *
Accessibility of course materials
Accessed SLMs on NSOU website *
Accessed SLMs through NSOU OER Repository *
Students Accessibility *
Do you have an internet accessibility at your home
Do you have personal PC/Laptop/Mobile
Do your mobile phone enriching your learning process?
Can you download figure/charts/tables from the web using a mobile device
Can you log on to the university website and other websites on your mobile device
Are audio/ video lectures enhances your learning skill at Open & distance learning environment?
Are audio/ video lectures downloadable?
Is SD card distributed by the NSOU consisting Audio/ video lectures effective for teaching-learning environment?
Are you acquainted with searching/ browsing web, setting bookmarks, and downloading files?
Do you attend Face to Face classroom teaching regularly?
Do you receive PCP routine on time?
Is the PCPs are sufficient?
Evaluation Process
Do you know the evaluation system of NSOU? *
How do you receive Assignments ? *
Do you need help from outside the study centre to prepare your assignment *
Do you get back your evaluated assignment papers from your study centre? *
Is the Examination Centre far from your study centre? *
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