Apply To Foster With Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
Thank you for your interest in joining the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue foster community!

To become a foster parent:
-You must attend Foster Parenting Orientation, held at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, following approval of your application.
-You must live within an hour of our Adoption Center in Asheville, NC.
-You must be willing and able to bring your foster pet to Brother Wolf for medical appointments and adoption events.
-You must own your home, or confirm with your landlord that foster pets are allowed.
-You must be able to separate your foster pet from your personal pets, if requested and required.
-Everyone in your home must agree to foster, and if anyone in your home has pet allergies, those allergies must be properly managed.
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You must agree to the following safety requirements while fostering:
You will keep your foster pet as an indoor pet, provide care and humane treatment to the pet, and follow all care directions as provided by BWAR Staff.You will keep a collar and BWAR-provided ID on your foster pet at all times. You will keep your foster pet safe at all times, and you will keep others safe from your foster pet. You will notify us immediately if your foster pet goes missing.You will keep your pets up-to-date on vaccinations.You will bring your foster animal to the adoption center or to adoption events as requested.You will not facilitate the adoption of your foster pet: all adoptions will be approved and facilitated by Brother Wolf staff members. You will ensure that young animals will be quarantined from other animals for two weeks. Diseases like Parvo, Feline Distemper, and others have an incubation period of up to 14 days. While these young animals develop their immune system, they must stay on an easily bleachable surface away from other pets and cannot go outside on dirt or grass. *
I understand that BWAR’s priority is to serve the best interest of the animals in its care. Therefore, BWAR reserves the right and sole discretion to refuse to foster to anyone for any reason. I understand that any bodily injury or property damage incurred from a foster animal is my responsibility, and that I will not hold BWAR or any of its members responsible or liable. I understand that while foster families always have the first right to adopt their foster animal, I am still responsible for the adoption fee. By typing my name below, I agree to these terms. *
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