NAFSA Marketing and Communications MIG Leadership Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the NAFSA Marketing and Communications Member Interest Group (MIG) leadership team! We have a short application for you below so that we can learn more about you. As you consider your application, here are some items for you to know.

Time commitment: Typically no more than 5 hours per month

Position commitment: Serve in role for a minimum of 2 years, ideally

MIG positions are voluntary and there is no compensation for serving. Being a NAFSA MIG leader may have associated costs for your employer such as attending NAFSA conferences and NAFSA membership dues. Both are preferred, but neither are required.

MIG Leadership: When running at full power, our MIG leadership team consists of 4 co-chairs and 4 coordinators.

Open positions:
Co-Chair (2)
Social Media Coordinator
Website Coordinator

Information on current and past MIG leaders can be found here: 

Typical tasks:
Currently we are conducting monthly virtual meetings. Participating and moderating these meetings is a common task.
Website: maintenance & content curation
Social media & Network NAFSA membership engagement
Membership communication: Quarterly newsletter curation using Mailchimp
Leadership tasks: NAFSA MIG Annual Report, Attending NAFSA MIG Leader Quarterly Meetings, Joining Co-Chair Planning Meetings
Conference duties*: We hold in-person open meetings at the NAFSA Annual Conference and try to also hold open meetings at a few Regional Conferences when possible. There is also typically a NAFSA MIG meeting at the NAFSA Annual Conference.

*Attending the NAFSA Annual Conference is a preferred requirement. We understand it is not always possible to attend the conference for a variety of reasons. Part of having a large leadership team, is that we typically have no problem having representation at the Annual Conference.

Please note that NAFSA requires there to be at least one NAFSA member on the MIG leadership team at all times.  

If all this sounds good to you, please continue on to the short application below. Apply by December 18, 2022.
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