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Thrive East Bay is growing meaningful community and creating a just and flourishing world for all.


THRIVING LIVES - We support each other in overcoming personal challenges and injustice, and creating lives filled with
purpose, joy, and creative expression.

LOVE IN ACTION - We let love guide us toward compassion, gratitude, empathy, and community among diverse groups
of people.

SHARED LEARNING - We seek to expand our critical awareness and understanding of the world, and to
& PRACTICE grow together through shared inquiry and transformative practices.

SYSTEMIC CHANGE - We unite to build equitable systems where we can flourish as individuals, as communities, and as a

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Members of Thrive East Bay make a monthly financial contribution to support the shared costs of sustaining our community activities. Be it small or large, every contribution helps make the life of our community possible. Please consider making a monthly contribution that is a stretch for you and a sign of your appreciation for all that we are creating together.

Thrive East Bay's monthly budget can be found online here:

Some people find it helpful to use the following guide in considering their monthly financial contribution.

$100 per month (1% of an $120,000 annual salary)
$80 per month (1% of an $96,000 annual salary)
$60 per month (1% of an $72,000 annual salary)
$50 per month (1% of an $60,000 annual salary)
$40 per month (1% of an $48,000 annual salary)
$20 per month (1% of an $24,000 annual salary)
$10 per month (1% of an $12,000 annual salary)

Make your monthly membership contribution today at:

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." ~Gandhi

Members contribute 1 - 2 hours a month (or more) as volunteers, leaders, and creatives helping to make the events and activities of Thrive East Bay possible. We recognize that every person has unique gifts to offer and we support everyone in finding meaningful ways to contribute to the Thrive East Bay community.

Examples of service and leadership roles include: helping with the production of our Sunday events, being part of our Welcome team, participating in a Working Group, social media & storytelling, fundraising, co-facilitating a Small Group Circle, and/or a role that you create to support the community.

I am willing to contribute 1 - 2 hours of my time and talent each month to support the Thrive East Bay community. *
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