Assignment # 15 Epic Movie Soundtracks
Select ONE song from the video below. Use the time stamps to navigate through the video. Once you have selected the song you wish to use for this assignment listen to it numerous times and then answer the questions below.

00:00 Interstellar - cornfield chase
02:01 Last Of The Mohicans - The Gael
05:57 Sunshine - John Murphy (Adagio In D Minor)
9:48 The Dark Knight Rises (Main Theme)
17:23 Gladiator - Now We Are Free
21:31 Lord of The Rings - May it be
25:00 The Last Samurai - Red Warrior
28:55 The Last Samurai - A Way of Life
30:57 Interstellar - Mountains
34:31 Inception - Time
38:44 The Dark Knight Rises - The Fire Rises
40:48 Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Davy Jones
43:59 The Last Samurai - Taken
47:24 Interstellar - No Time for Cation
51:18 Inception - Dream is Collapsing

Inspiring Movie Soundtracks
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What is the music telling you in the song you selected? *
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What function(s) of film music are being used in your selected scene? *
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